Hi I'm Alexandre. . .

a full stack developer and a systems analyst

eager to learn and use all technologies

Completed Projects

Tribute Page

Used technologies: basically HTML with CSS.

A tribute page to the greatest comic book hero creator.

Quote Machine

Used technologies: project created with create-react-app together with HTML and CSS.

A Quote Machine that chooses a random quote from many, present it and its author, also changing the colors.

MarkDown Previewer

Used technologies: HTML, BootStrap (CSS) and JavaScript

A MarkDown Editor that takes plain text as MarkDown-format from the left-side and trnasform it into HTML in the right-side.

JavaScript Calculator

Used technologies: HTML, BooStrap (CSS) and JavaScript.

A calculator created with HTML and stylized with BootStrap and some JavaScript functions behind the scene.

Drum Machine

Used technologies: HTML, BootStrap (css) and JavaScript.

A Drum Machine that plays some sounds when pressing defined keys or mouse clicks on them.

Clock 25 + 5

Used technologies: HTML, BootStrap (CSS) and JavaScript.

A clock that marks working, training or studying time plus rest time before getting back to activities.


Some technologies I know of and worked with.

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